IT Services in Southern California: Why Real-Time Network Monitoring is Important for All Businesses

How many times has a network or server issue slowed down your business? Or, even worse, brought it to a screeching halt? Every minute your business is down you are losing money. The best way to prevent these scenarios is real-time network monitoring from a reliable IT services provider in Southern California.

What is Real-Time Network Monitoring?

Network monitoring involves deploying software to critical IT assets that send key points of information back to a central monitoring hub. The real-time part of the equation comes in the form of a dedicated 24/7 help desk staff whose job is to monitor this hub for real-time alerts.

Now, you may be thinking “We can’t afford to hire a 24/7 help desk plus add expensive monitoring software everywhere. It’s just not in the budget.” This is where hiring a managed services provider comes in. The MSP already has proven monitoring software ready to deploy, plus a dedicated 24/7 help desk already on hand.

What Does Real-Time Network Monitoring Cover?

A real-time network monitoring solution can cover just all your IT assets or a subset of your most mission-critical. Here is a short list of the more popular monitoring options:

  • Server performance
  • Software performance
  • Bandwidth performance
  • Security protection
  • Network protection
  • WAN performance
  • VoIP performance

Along with monitoring your network, you can also have the help desk troubleshoot the problems remotely. They can access the system and see what the issue is. In many cases, IT services providers in Southern California can fix the issue before it causes a slowdown or outage. The only reason you will know a problem occurred is that you get an email after it’s fixed.

What Else Does This Service Do?

  • Customized notifications and reports about your software, hardware, and network assets. These give you real-time visibility to the health, security, and functionality of your IT assets.
  • Monitoring of device health and performance. If a hard disk or a router starts failing, you get notified immediately.
  • Tracking and resolution of network congestion. Your employees don’t need to be slowed down because the network is too congested.
  • Detection and resolution of security threats. Cybersecurity threats continue to grow and you need to have proactive monitoring in place to stay safe.
  • Automation of routine maintenance and service tasks. Automating routine tasks ensures they get done on time.

As you can see, real-time network monitoring with an MSP can keep your business moving forward with minimal downtime. If you want to learn more about network monitoring and other IT services in Southern California, contact us at ecasys Corporation today.