IT Support in Anaheim: Cloud Monitoring Makes All The Difference

Cloud Monitoring Makes All The Difference

According to the advice given by IT support experts in Anaheim, you are driving businesses to your competitors if you don’t use cloud monitoring.

To keep the IT infrastructure up and running 24/7 can be a challenge for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). They have limited IT resources and often experience downtime as a result. A slow loading website or one that doesn’t load at all will send customers looking to the competition for help. And that spells disaster for any business, big or small.

How Can Your Company Keep Your Customers and Employees Happy?

Keep your website, internal servers, and mobile apps up and running with minimal downtime. It’s that simple and that complicated.

There is a simple test to see if your current infrastructure and support is sufficient for keeping everything running as it should. Can your IT team go home at night and on weekends without constant worry about something critical going down? If your team makes regular visits back to the office to fix things when they should be resting and relaxing, your current system is just not working for them or for your customers.

What can you do? Cloud monitoring is the answer according to IT support experts in Anaheim. It offers your company a way to keep your infrastructure up without overworking or stressing your IT teams.

Benefits of Cloud Monitoring Your Company Can Enjoy

  • 24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure – The faster a problem is detected, the sooner it’s fixed. With cloud monitoring, you get notified as soon as a problem is found and your IT team can get moving as quickly as possible.
  • Detecting potential problems before they develop – Many times, a problem starts out as a minor issue. When it’s not addressed quickly, it can compound and become a major outage level problem.
  • Meeting Benchmarks – How fast do you want web pages on your site to load? Do you want to know when your internal network experiences a bottleneck? These are just two benchmarks that you can have monitored.
  • Finding unapproved changes and instances of tampering – The most common reason for downtime is actually human action whether intentional or not. Cloud monitoring offers you a way to detect these actions and to correct them before they become an issue.
  • Reduce downtime – With your infrastructure under constant monitoring, you will minimize your downtime. In some cases, companies have seen a downtime reduction of as much as 75 percent. This makes customers and employees much happier.
  • Enhancing customer experiences – With faster load times and smoother transactions, your customers will be very happy with your website’s performance and will enhance their experience and opinion of your company.

If your company hasn’t yet made the leap to cloud monitoring, you should do now. Any downtime your infrastructure experience can drive away customers and negatively affect your employees. Shifting to the cloud is the first step. Contact us at ecasys now to get it started. We are an IT support provider in Anaheim that can help you make the transition to the cloud.