How IT Support in Southern California Can Help You Avoid Phishing Scams

The use of phishing scams continues to pose a major threat to businesses, but using IT support in Southern California can keep your company well-protected from these cybercriminals. These phishing scams send fraudulent emails that appear to be from a reputable source that asks your employees for confidential information. Unsuspecting employees can give out vital information without even realizing it is a scam, which can cause extensive damage to your organization.

However, partnering with an IT provider can help you avoid this situation and here are a just a few ways that you can avoid these phishing scams:

Never Give Personal Information

One of the top tips in avoiding phishing scams is never to give out personal information in an email. Providing your account numbers or social security information is a terrible mistake that can lead to serious consequences. However, the use of an IT provider can give your employees additional training sessions to ensure that they are well-prepared for any phishing scam.

Hover Over Links

An often-overlooked technique in avoiding phishing scams is to hover over any link within an email before you decided to click on it. Hovering over a link will allow you to see the address of the site and it may look different from a legitimate website. Instead of clicking on a suspicious link, it is much safer to delete the email or contact an IT support company in Southern California to investigate further to ensure that it is a legitimate link.

Avoid Unexpected Email Attachments

Downloading an email attachment can expose your business to significant security risks, and it is important always to use a virus scanner. Many of these email attachments contain viruses that can wreak havoc on your entire computer system. However, an IT provider can give your company the latest security updates to ensure that your business is well-protected from these vicious cybersecurity schemes.

Phishing scams will continue to pose a major threat to businesses, but the use of IT support in Southern California can help your organization avoid becoming the next victim of these cybercriminals. At ecasys, we offer the latest cybersecurity protection and gives businesses access to the best tech available. Our IT support team can provide your employees with additional training to ensure that you are well-prepared, and we are always available to answer any questions. Feel free to contact us for more information.