IT Support in Southern California: Breaking Down the Basics of Encryption

Cybersecurity is something every business should care about. Your ability to protect your business and client data affects your reputation, as well as your ability to sustain operations. One of the helpful and easy to implement cybersecurity measures you should consider is encryption. You can control who can access confidential information by using encryption programs with the assistance of an IT support provider in Southern California. This can be a powerful safeguard alongside your other data protection policies.

What Are the Benefits?

There are great benefits of encryption for your business. But first, consider how it all works. Encryption is based on computer algorithms that can scramble up information to a form that is unreadable. In order to encrypt and decrypt this data, special keys are required. In some cases, the sender and receiver have the same key, while in others, two different keys known as a key pair are used.

The effects of encryption are that unintended recipients of the data being sent are left out in the cold without the right decryption keys. This is particularly important because of the large amounts of sensitive data that get sent in various forms via the internet. Hackers are always on the lookout for ways to extract important data to sell or exploit. The risks of a cyber attack and privacy breach are high, so every tool that can be used to limit this must be explored. You can learn more about how encryption can benefit your business specifically by consulting with an IT support provider in Southern California. As a general rule, there are two types of data you should look into encrypting.

What Should Be Encrypted?

There is a lot of different kinds of data that your business handles. Encryption is a useful measure for data that is transmitted and for data that is stored. For data that is transmitted over the internet, encryption is can be used in different ways, including email encryption. Encrypting your Wi-Fi connection is also a very useful move. For data that is stored, endpoint encryption safeguards the data that you have across your business in various forms and in different media.

Are you ready to have your business data encrypted? Cybersecurity professionals can assist you with the appropriate services to keep your business safe. This can be automated and integrated across the board for your convenience and protection. Contact us at ecasys Corporation for IT support in Southern California. Our team of experts is ready to help.