Top Reasons to Solicit IT Support in Anaheim

From catastrophic cyber attacks to natural disasters such as flash floods, businesses need reliable IT support in Anaheim for ongoing improvements of their technology strategy to withstand technical failures. Whether you have experienced data loss in the past or not, it is wise to leverage automated backup cloud storage solutions, which IT services providers in Southern California provide to mitigate data loss.

In order to upgrade your organization’s technology efficiency, it is imperative to adopt the following solutions for your IT strategy from a reliable technology provider:

Cybersecurity Response Planning

With the prevalence of cyber attacks, you’ll benefit from partnering with an IT support provider in Anaheim to implement up-to-date cybersecurity incident response plans. This will improve your preparedness in dealing with cyber breaches in a timely manner.

On average, it takes most enterprises 2 or more months to resolve a data breach; but with an IT provider, you’ll be armed to respond faster and mitigate the impact on your daily operations.

Enforce Data Encryption

Unencrypted data is a favorite target for hackers and the leading vector for data theft. Data storage void of encryption renders sensitive business information vulnerable to cybercriminals who use it to launch ransomware attacks.

Files containing financial records and customer records put your business at the risk of hefty fines by regulatory authorities when compromised.

However, implementing encryption across your internal networks and enforcing it with stringent IT policies will save you from the troubles, aforesaid.

Improve Data Security with Two-Factor Authentication

User accounts with strong passwords may seem impenetrable, but phishing attacks are growing more sophisticated day by day and hackers can steal them. Also, there’s the risk of an ex-employee going rogue or acting as an agent of a hacking organization.

Similar to data encryption, two-factor authentication provides an additional shield of protection from malicious actors.

Even if an unauthorized person has access to credentials of a user account, they’ll not be able to access the restricted resources without going through the second authentication stage.

Invest in Cloud-Based Software Applications

If you’re running legacy software, you must have their tedious and time-inefficient installation process. Moreover, implementing updates also takes long, several days to weeks, and cause operational inefficiencies.

Luckily, we can help you overcome the problem by tapping into cloud-based software, which is easy to install and come with automated updates.

At ecasys Corporation, we offer dependable solutions to boost the productivity of your business. If you need an IT support provider in Anaheim to help you improve your IT strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us.