Maintain Total Cutting-Edge Security with IT Support in Southern California

Having IT support in Southern California can be an essential part of your small business’s security strategy. Something you need to consider is the prevalence of internal threats. As it turns out, the majority of security issues facing your company develop not from without, but within. If you’re going to counteract them, you need to continuously educate personnel. This can be difficult; many businesses opt to train them at intervals.

New Threats and Tactics to Handle Them

Working with IT experts can be essential in helping your business determine what solutions work best in terms of education and security. On that note, this writing will briefly examine a few of the modern threats facing businesses of all size today:

You Can’t See Where Short Links Will Take You

As pertains to URL policy, managed IT services experts in Southern California advocate a few best practices. Firstly, consider avoiding small URLs if possible. A shortened URL doesn’t tell you where you’re going to go. If your internal policy is to shorten URLs for space, cybercriminals can insinuate a few “lemons” which take you to dangerous areas.

The way around this is to use services like, which provide a window where you can post shortened web addresses to see where they take you. If you must use short URLs, ensure to make vetting them policy. Otherwise, avoid using short URLs where it’s feasible to.

Social Engineering Hacks

Social engineering hacks are a growing issue. Basically, this is where a hacker uses human nature against you. Social engineering hacks need not take place through tech savvy. Basically, they’re a combination of smooth talking and social graces used to leverage information that can be exploited. New techniques crop up all the time; you want to anticipate them and form policy which acts as bottlenecks against them.

Shifting Cybercrime

IT support experts in Southern California provide antivirus and anti-malware solutions which are necessary for security. Equally necessary is patching security solutions when new problems manifest. The truth is, cybercrime represents a multi-trillion dollar industry which grows in tandem to white-hat technology development. Nowadays, the question isn’t “if” you get undermined by a data breach, it’s “when, and what will you do?”. MSPs provide solutions.

Rounding Out Security Procedures

An IT support provider in Southern California like ecasys Corporation can help you anticipate and avoid developing cybercriminal threats, anticipate social engineering hacks, and avoid leaving yourself open through best practices in areas like URL design policy. Contact us for more information on developing threats, professional IT tech solutions, and best policies pertaining to security.