The Severity of Cyber Breaches and How IT Support in Anaheim Can Be Helpful

IT support providers in Anaheim help businesses grasp the reality of the security risks in the cyberspace as highlighted in the National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Cybersecurity is a continually evolving target and has led to record losses like in the case of the Talk Talk’s hack that resulted in a 400,000 EUR fine.

While IT services providers in Southern California have been constantly advancing the technological approaches to cyber threats, these risks have been around from the early 1900s.

Cyber-attacks Have Been Around for Several Decades

However, present-day hackers are more sophisticated than the Morse code attack by Nevil Maskelyne in 1903, which interrupted Ambrose Fleming’s presentation in the auditorium.

Hacking Techniques Have Become More Advanced

Therefore, it is harder to keep prevent malicious hackers from intruding your networks as they’re constantly reverse-engineering cyber defense systems to exploit security vulnerabilities.

Besides, intermediate hackers are on the rise, too. The dark web consists of groups of black hat hackers who share exploit kits, hacking tools made to identify and exploit risky user behavior. This leads to successful social-engineering and spear phishing attacks, especially when employees lack cybersecurity awareness to prevent such network penetration attempts. IT support providers in Anaheim are needed for this kind of situation.

Cyber Breaches are Large-Scale and Nondiscriminatory

Cybercriminals are not random in choosing their targets but take time to thoroughly research and understand the design and protection of your networks. As a result, they create a sophisticated schematic of your network, analyze it, and unearth weaknesses that you may not be aware of without constant network penetration tests. In turn, they use these discoveries to launch zero-day attacks, which are devastating and hard to recover from.

From SMEs to multinational corporations, cyber breaches have proven to be a systematic threat to business technology infrastructure. For instance, the FBI reports that cybercrime cost the US approximately 1.4 billion dollars in 2017 alone.

In comparison, the UK government reports that at least 46% of the business in the country experienced at least one cyber-attack, resulting in immense losses.


In response to tackling the pandemic, businesses and governments around the world have sought to build a cyber workforce capable of mitigating the threats. For example, the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense arm leads in cybersecurity awareness training.

Thus, you need SAT in order to close the existing skills gaps in your cyber defense strategy by partnering with a qualified IT support provider in Anaheim. As such, you’ll benefit from leading-edge cyber defense technologies and IT security professionals. At ecasys Corporation, we offer reliable, managed network security solutions to prevent cyber breaches. If you would like to achieve robust protection for your business, contact us now to learn more.