An Advice from our IT Support Experts in Southern California: You Should Not Rely on Your Brain for Storing Your Passwords

Have you heard of the theory which goes something like, “the safest place to store your password is in your brain?” Well, as true as this may seem, there is a small problem with using the brain as a storage unit for your passwords. Read on to see why our IT support experts in Southern California advise against using your brain as a storage space for your passwords.

Hackers lurk around the internet seeking for opportunities to access corporate and personal networks so that they can steal data. As an Southern California IT service provider, we often advise clients to do what it takes to keep their networks free from these cybercriminals. One sure way to stay safe is to make sure that you have a strong password policy in place. The policy should prioritize where and how passwords are stored, hopefully not in someone’s head.

Why Is Storing Passwords in your Head Is Not Such a Smart Idea?

  • You have too many passwords to remember them all – Let us start by considering your personal passwords, shall we?
    How many social media accounts do you have? Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Those are three accounts already, right? Let’s add some more, you have an email address or two, yes? Those are five accounts each with their own passwords!
    Now consider the passwords you have for your business accounts, are you seeing why we say memorizing all of these can be an insurmountable task?
    Good, let’s look at the second reason.
  • You and your passwords are too predictable – Yes, this is a BIG problem. Predictability can work against you. Most times, in our practice as an IT support provider in Southern California, we have come to learn that business owners prefer passwords that they can easily remember.
    Have you ever found yourself clicking the “forgot password” option in any of your accounts?
    Fact that you pressed the forgot password button means that your memory is not such a reliable storage space.
    Now, people, in a predictable way, opt for passwords that they can easily remember. These simple passwords will save you the trouble of having to reset your password each time you forget it, but it will expose you to a security breach. Hackers can sniff predictable passwords. Ask those whose Facebook accounts have been hacked in the recent past.

Keen on keeping your passwords safe? reach out to our IT experts at ecasys Corporation. Our IT support experts in Southern California specialize in advising businesses on how to stay safe online. Contact us to learn more.