How IT Support in Southern California Helps Protect Your Business Against Dark Web Dangers

What’s the Dark Web?

IT support in Southern California is essential in helping avoid risks that aren’t visible on traditional web browsers. “The Dark Web” is part of “The Deep Web.” If the internet were an iceberg with 90%+ of its volume underwater, the minimal percentage poking out the surface would be traditional indexed websites.

The Deep Web is all the intranet networks you might find in a school or corporate environment. Basically, it’s the internet information that isn’t indexed by search engines. The Dark Web is a part of The Deep Web that is specifically centered around facilitating black market solutions technologically.

Viruses, leaked information, guns, drugs, and even human beings are traded on The Dark Web. Where it impacts your business is in terms of cybercriminal “startups” who have high amounts of egress in this digital “realm.”

Cybercriminal Startups

As it turns out, cybercrime is a multi-trillion-dollar industry that’s in perpetual growth and has a dynamic, symbiotic relationship with mainstream tech. Basically, technology capacity of computational systems globally doubles at eighteen-month intervals. The world’s first commercial quantum computer was recently unveiled, and technological innovation is leaping into atomic realms at breakneck speed.

As it does so, old issues are fixed, but new ones arise. Cybercriminals can exploit unknown vulnerabilities, developing malware to hide in plain sight, tap data from your business, ransom your files, spy on you, and more. IT support providers in Southern California recommends a number of protections to help preserve you from cybercriminal startup companies both foreign and local.


Firstly, ensure you’ve got top-tier password management that introduces new effective passwords at the most regular feasible and affordable interval. If you can do so daily, it’s not a bad idea. For most businesses, switching up passwords every month is fine; it will differ per business.


You need to be pen-tested. A penetration test is when Southern California IT services firms providing security solutions probe your network from all angles to find unknown vulnerabilities that need to be patched.

Employee Education

Employees need to be trained so that they know what to look for, what to avoid, and what to do if they suspect a data breach has occurred. Phishing, social engineering hacks, and more are out there waiting to assail them. Regular education at periodic intervals throughout the year are necessary for greatest employee enablement in terms of security.

Comprehensive Fortification

IT support in Southern California through ecasys Corporation provides solutions in terms of:

  • Employee Education
  • Pen-Testing
  • Passwords

It’s essential to have comprehensive fortification against shifting threats. Contact us for more information on best practices in terms of security for your business.