How Managed Services in Southern California Can Advance Your VoIP Security

Managed services providers in Southern California are known for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, which feature cutting-edge features such as the smart assistant. However, as part of the network, your VoIP infrastructure is at risk of DDoS attacks, IP spoofing, and toll frauds. Therefore, it is critical to collaborate with MSPs to secure your communications systems.

Below are proven methods to secure your VoIP Services:

Hardening Your Network Infrastructure

Toll frauds rank top among threats to VoIP services and they’re executed through network penetration. Consequently, you need failsafe accessibility and anti-penetration measures. You can achieve this by deploying up-to-date firewall systems to safeguard your network at the application level.

Hackers could also target your routers to access your VoIP infrastructure, but with proper router configuration and network design, you can optimize protocols such as SIP, SDP, and RTP. Essentially, adding end-to-end encryption capability and call-authentication features will deter cybercriminals from penetrating your VoIP network.

Additionally, it is crucial to run penetration testing drills to keep your network devices, routers, and switches free from vulnerabilities that may enable the intrusion attempts.

Deploying Security Controls

Managed services companies in Southern California help businesses monitor and analyze VoIP traffic to prevent breaches with:

  • VoIP tracking
  • Specific call route configurations

Round-the-clock tracking of VoIP services helps identify a change in the normal pattern of network usage. For instance, calls by toll fraudsters are executed mainly outside work hours when your business is closed.

With a dedicated VoIP tracking service from a trustworthy MSP, you can identify such abuses and lockout the intruders. The provider will deploy access lists and limits credit usage based on historical expenditure.

You’ll also benefit from strict call route configurations, to limit outbound traffic via specific routes, which will automatically drop calls requested via different routes. This will effectively deter toll fraudsters.

Implement VoIP Devices Management Policies

The hardware of your VoIP handsets is driven by powerful firmware, but they’re prone to intrusion attempts. Thanks to advances in intrusion prevention solutions, you can seal this risk path by enforcing secure passwords, and constant updates. Also, you can enable the remote wipe out of VoIP devices’ setting in case of a breach. As a result, hackers will have no vulnerabilities to exploit and steer clear of your VoIP handsets.

At ecasys Corporation, our business is to ensure your success in running VoIP infrastructure. With our managed services in Southern California, we can help you secure your VoIP technology and establish reliable communications processes for improved efficiency. Contact us today to learn more.