Avoiding Tech Security Errors with the Help of IT Support Providers in Southern California

IT support providers in Southern California help businesses large or small secure themselves against not just cybercrime, but internal data management errors. Below, several common issues your business will likely encounter over the course of operations will be explored:

Improper Classification of Data – Restricted, Confidential, and Public

IT support providers in Southern California often see clients who either don’t know there is any need to classify data or have improperly classified it. There are three primary designations you should consider: data which must be restricted to the highest levels of security, that which is confidential to your company, and that which is publicly available.

Sometimes restricted data is improperly categorized as confidential, sometimes public data shouldn’t be so public. Additionally, sometimes that which is confidential would do no harm in the public sphere and could make your operations appear more transparent, yielding greater returns from collateral positive PR. Whatever the case, Southern California IT support providers can help you properly classify and securely manage your data.

Incorrect Use of Encryption

Encryption isn’t a static exercise. It’s not something which is of the “one-and-done” variety. You’ve got to encrypt files in a way which is somewhat proactive. Owing to technological innovation’s exponential course, new means of cracking old encryption will develop with regularity.

Ideally, you should be properly encrypting and updating data at least annually, if not two or three times a year. Certainly, the size, scope, and sensitivity of your operations will play a part in helping you determine when to update your security in this regard. You have a “sweet spot”, MSPs can help you hit it.

Improper Cloud Use

Cloud has three primary expressions: public, private, and hybrid. Public clouds are basically a server array on which everyone shares space. Think of it like an apartment complex in a digital sense. SD-WAN Solution options are networked servers that only one client uses, or maybe several collaterally aligned ones; it’s like a private home. A hybrid cloud is both options together; like a restaurant with owners living on the top floor, or an apartment building where tenants actually own the property they live in; like a condominium. Depending on the size, scope, and sensitivity of your operation’s IT, one or a combination of these options may be more appropriate. MSPs can help you choose the best solutions for your business.

An IT support provider in Southern California like ecasys Corporation can help you comprehensively protect, encrypt, and classify your data. Contact us now for more information.