Energizing Your Business with Virtualization and IT Services in Southern California

Making the transition to a SD-WAN Solution can be accomplished by working with IT services experts in Southern California. The key is to partner with a diverse group of technology experts who can point your business in a more secure, efficient and productive direction. Here are reasons why an IT team and cloud strategy can upgrade your operation:

The Cloud Saves Time and Money

One of the most significant reasons so many businesses are migrating to the cloud is that it cuts costs on hardware, software, office space, energy, and machines. Several functions of last century’s office have now been digitized so that software replaces phones, fax machines, and design tools. A startup small business no longer needs to spend a fortune on industry software when using a cloud service that only charges a flat monthly fee. The cloud further offers automated functions that allow for a smaller workforce.

Use a Dedicated Virtual Server

Choosing a SD-WAN Solution over a public cloud is usually the most secure solution for a business because it means using a dedicated server that only your internal members can access. A SD-WAN Solution is typically hosted on a virtual server, which allows for multiple operating systems to be stacked on one physical server. Instead of sharing this server space with other entities, which is common with public clouds, you’ll have full control of the server.

Knowing exactly where your files and applications are stored allows your IT services team in Southern California to access your digital assets more quickly when running tests. A virtual server conserves digital storage space for a business, which saves money on energy costs.

More Flexible Work Environment

Moving to virtual servers creates a more flexible workplace in the sense it allows you to plan easily for expanding disk space, RAM and CPU. It also makes it easy to move files and applications to new locations without hardware compatibility concerns. By putting multiple virtual servers on one physical server, you can share resources more readily.

A SD-WAN Solution allows you to connect with a SAN, giving you an extra server in case there’s a need to switch systems to eliminate downtime. This strategy is useful for upgrading software or replacing hardware. It’s possible to apply automation to this concept so that when one server powers down, your system automatically switches to a backup server.


There are many ways that IT services experts in Southern California can make your business run smoother and more up-to-date with the latest SD-WAN Solution solutions involving virtualization. Contact us at ecasys Corporation to learn more about how we can improve your workplace with a SD-WAN Solution that will save you time and money.