Managed Services in Southern California: Clarifying Complex Tech Terms

Maintaining Contemporary Understanding

Your managed services provider (MSP) in Southern California should maintain cutting-edge viability, or risk imploding under the weight of competitors and swiftly advancing technology. Accordingly, they act as a prime resource for businesses looking to ensure an accurate understanding of tech market terminology that informs operation. Following are six terms you need to get your head around for proper tech networking sustainability in today’s competitive, exponentially-developing market:

  • SD-WAN Solution Options
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • Ransomware
  • Resolution Time
  • Response Time

SD-WAN Solution Options

Managed services providers in Southern California provide solutions for clients who have sensitive data they don’t trust on public clouds. These are SD-WAN Solutions, which facilitate tech infrastructure for a specific group. Internal resources often manage SD-WAN Solutions, though there are external options.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

This is the highest level of time allowable for data loss owing to a man-made incident, disaster, breach, or what-have-you. At the RPO, recovery should be acquired, or the terms of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) a company signed with an MSP have been breached. Internal tech management has internal RPOs.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

RTO is the highest level of allowable time a business can persist without necessary data before operation becomes a risk. This comes primarily from a man-made disaster, as well. The primary difference between RPO and RTO is scope. RPO is more concerned with specific aspects of operation, while RTO is “the whole enchilada”.


This is a malware often incidentally invited into systems through employee error–sometimes it’ll invade all on its own, though, like in the case of the WannaCry virus launched by North Korea which got into business systems through SMB (Server Message Block) ports. Cybercriminals will take your system data hostage against payment in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. If you don’t pay, your files are deleted. Oftentimes, there’s a “countdown” associated with ransomware, as well. They usually enter systems through Trojans, that is, one file dressed up to hide a virus. Ransomware is a prime reason to be careful of spurious links or email attachments.

Resolution Time

In brief, this is how long it takes for an issue to be resolved. This is a term referencing a problem most likely to be encountered in a security or network capacity.

Response Time

This is how long a provider of service takes to respond when a service call for a client comes in. SLAs regularly guarantee specific response times.

Keeping Current

Managed services experts in Southern California can help you remain current on new terms and sustain necessary operational security. Contact us at ecasys Corporation for more information on changing technology.