IT Services in Southern California: Understanding Tech Terms

IT services in Southern California encompass a wide variety of technological solutions. Tech speak is nebulous and sometimes hard to get your head around. One reason for this is the swiftness with which technology progresses–there are always new terms flooding the market, and unless you’re in the pipe of the tech wave, you’re going to get dunked. Tech companies are surfers, you don’t even have a boogie board. At the least, getting your head around these tech terms helps you learn how to ride the waves:

  • AI: Artificial Intelligence
  • BDR: Backup and Data Recovery
  • Breach (Cyber) Defense
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Cyber/Security Breach

AI: Artificial Intelligence

IT services in Southern California are increasingly involved in applications of AI in terms of security, automation, data acquisition, and data sorting. The idea is to develop computer systems which can make decisions as near human as possible. Speech recognition, visual perception, language translation, decision-making, and more constitute AI. There is imagined a “singularity” at which AI overcomes human ability.

BDR: Backup and Data Recovery

BDR incorporates strategy which continuously backs up data off-site and on-site. If there’s a data breach, restoration from backups eliminates data loss. You’ll be able to reduce downtime from tropical storms, breaches, employee error, or other unforeseen exigencies.

Breach (Cyber) Defense

A breach (cyber) defense paradigm helps protect your business against cybercriminals. Such strategies incorporate infrastructural IT defense, antivirus protocols, and the latest available firewalls. A good defense of this kind takes a close analysis of threats, then makes plans to counteract those threats going forward. Such defenses additionally include response protocols.

Business Continuity Planning

If you experience a breach of defenses, BDR combined with network “reboot” strategy comprises prime quotients of business continuity planning. You’ve additionally got to run drills, and continuously update plans as a means of incorporating new learning and company changes.

Cyber or Security Breach

Data theft or viral implantation characterize these breaches. Your organization can be seriously undermined, and data lost. These are additionally very costly and can have a negative impact on reputation, as well as brand, because you’ve got to be straightforward when customer data is lost; which is good business, but it ends up being bad PR.

Keeping Aware of Trends

IT services experts in Southern California can help you do more than understand these terms. Technology and business are hand-in-hand today; it’s hard not to become a bit of a technological facilitator once you get to a sustainable operational position. Contact us at ecasys Corporation for more information on products and services on the cutting edge of tech.

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