Three Essential VoIP Features from Your Managed Services Provider in Southern California

If you are planning on setting up a VoIP system in your SMB, you should discuss your options with your managed services provider in Southern California. In general, VoIP is beneficial because it allows for the transmission of voice alongside multimedia content through internet protocol networks. However, the technologies used to achieve this goal are not homogenous. If you choose the wrong hardware and software for your setup, the results of VoIP will not be ideal.

It is important to understand the needs of your company and evaluate the technological advances in the field. The information will help you leverage the power of modern communication tools and optimize your network. Consequently, you will increase the efficiency of communication in your commercial operation and promote worker productivity.

Here are some of the critical tools that you can incorporate into your VoIP system for optimal performance:

1. Call Management

You should evaluate the call management options available before acquiring a VoIP system from your chosen managed services expert in Southern California. The right call features can minimize the complications and inconveniences caused by traditional phone setups. For instance, you can use call routing in VoIP. This feature will allow you to create a list of multiple numbers through which calls can be routed before the caller is sent to voicemail. You can also incorporate music on hold and call screening.

2. Instant Messaging

Real-time information on the status of your workers and clients is critical for smooth management of your commercial operation. Instant messaging is an important VoIP tool for ensuring efficiency in communication with important company contacts. With IM applications, the status of the other party will be indicated by terms such as away, busy or available. Therefore, you can reach out when convenient. In addition, you will be able to communicate through real-time text messages.

3. Email and Fax Management

You should think about email and fax management when choosing a VoIP system for your company. Under ideal circumstances, you should ensure that your email and fax processes are interlinked for expediency. For instance, your system should have a feature that allows you to receive faxes through your email. You should also be able to send your faxes by using your email setup. This feature is critical for minimizing your inconveniences often linked to sending faxes.

Finally, you should discuss the mobility of your workforce with your managed service provider in Southern California. Your internet protocol should have features allowing workers to access the resources through mobile devices. If you are interested in VoIP for SMBs, you should contact our experts at ecasys for more information.