IT Services in Southern California: The Importance of Email Encryption

How much is your business investing towards cybersecurity? If you have been watching the news, you know that cases of data breaches are becoming more and more prevalent. Multinational corporations and smaller businesses are all at risk of a cyber attack. Losing sensitive data can be crippling to a business, and everything must be done to prevent this. When you work with IT services experts in Southern California, they can help get your system secured and protected. One of the main ways hackers target confidential information is via email. They may seek to have someone send them important information through a social engineering tactic. They can also find ways, including software viruses, to access passwords and emails to extract the information for themselves. This is why having a plan to prevent an email data breach is crucial.

Encryption as a Solution to Email Hacking

There are a few things your business can do to prevent data compromise via email. Employee cybersecurity training is an important step. Without sufficient knowledge, people can easily be manipulated in a malicious email scam. Other important steps to incorporate in your IT security include:

  • Having a thorough email policy to limit what company information can be shared in that medium
  • Strong and updated firewalls and antivirus programs
  • Effective password management
  • Email monitoring software


Email encryption is also a very helpful measure you can adopt. This may seem like a lot to manage, but it’s made easier when you enlist professional IT services in Southern California.

Email encryption prevents hackers from getting into your emails to steal your information. When put in place, unauthorized personnel cannot read what is written in the emails. It works using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). A PKI allows you to effectively lock email messages. In other words, you can use a private key to encrypt a message so that only the designated recipient can access and read it. On the other side, you can give your contacts a public key that encrypts messages they send to you so that only you can read them. Encrypting all of your messages can be a major deterrent to email hackers.

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