How to Enjoy Mobility and Top-Notch Security with IT Services in Southern California

Organizations of all types are shifting away from single-point solutions designed to remedy specific problems in favor of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that meets or even exceeds requirements for compliance. IaaS satisfies security needs and provides helpful features. IaaS is also worth serious consideration because it allows for simplified and seamless mobile device management (MDM). MDM provides businesses with improved data security and convenience. Here is an in-depth look at IaaS and MDM provided by an IT services team in Southern California:

Getting Started With IaaS-Based MDM is Easier Than Most Assume

There is no reason to be intimidated by IaaS-based MDM. The first step is to consider what you would like to manage. Most businesses are tasked with managing a combination of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other web-connected devices. Consider the features and functionality your business requires. MDM empowers your team to find lost or stolen devices, wipe or lock stolen devices in a remote manner, and remain compliant with nuanced security policies that meet end users’ requests. Reach out to IT services experts in Southern California to help you find the perfect management solution.

Making the Case for MDM Solutions

The average company’s workforce will benefit from MDM solutions in a number of ways. It is no longer necessary to rely on legacy networks to protect data with the gathering of information and applications in data centers. The headquarters model has become quite inefficient as time progresses. Nowadays, a reversal is occurring: assets are being stretched, and there is a corresponding movement toward device tracking.

Pinpointing a secure means of promoting device functionality is more important than make, model, features, etc. The challenge is figuring out how to maximize device security and functionality while providing employees with full access to important data when away from the workplace.

MDM is Unseen Until Trouble Arises

Once something is awry, MDM will prove quite visible and important. If a mobile device is stolen, you can track the device and remotely disable it. It is even possible to wipe the device of all sensitive data. Geofencing is another highly effective strategy; it empowers IT employees to automatically disable lost devices without adding more input.

If your employees bring their own devices to work, consider containerization, in which work-related information is processed in an application. This application develops a virtual device with all the necessary functionality, ranging from web browsing in apps to the ability to field or make phone calls, access the calendar, and send/receive business email.

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